Advanced Arrange Nesting for Fusion 360

Advanced Arrange Nesting for Fusion 360

There are new Nesting Features in Fusion 360 for March and I’m going to show you Advanced Arrange Preview.

Read the Fusion 360 What’s New Post.

Advanced Arrange is our favorite nesting method available yet in Fusion 360. It’s quite a bit faster to setup and get a result from than the full Manufacturing Advanced Nesting tool.

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Arrange comes with EDU, Startup, and Commercial Licenses. New as of today is the Nesting & Fabrication Extension that includes Advanced Nesting, and also new today is the Advanced Arrange Preview which I’ll cover in this video.

If you aren’t familiar, Extensions are additional features that you pay a fee for. Fusion has multiple ways to pay for extensions. You can do a free trial, pay one day, monthly pass, and even annual option. See Fusion 360 Nesting & Fabrication.



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