CNC Training - In-Person Classes

CNC Training - In-Person Classes

Update –

2024 - We are now offering In-Person Training


I have wanted to hold in-person training classes since we moved into our current shop in 2019. We all know how the last couple of years have gone – and why we created online courses instead.

However, it seems incredibly likely we can have safe in-person classes at our shop in Portland this year 🙌. Currently, we have a few ideas for classes:

  • CNC Router Operation

  • CNC Router CAM

  • CNC Router Fixturing

  • Fusion 360 CAD

  • Fusion 360 CAM

If interested, fill out our form – the class size will be fairly small.


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  • Justin

    Hey Adam and Brett – I sent you an email but for anyone else looking here we do now offer an In-Person Training option here:

  • Adam McQueen

    I am a robotics teacher at Lincoln High School. My kids use Fusion but I am not very good with it so Fusion CAD would be great. Also Fusion CAM with 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters…

  • Brett Lowery

    Very interested in training, I have a 5×10 router table at home that I’m very eager to start making projects with but need someone to help get me started. I tried taking a few classes at CCC but soon realized they did not correlate with the router table at all. I’m primarily looking for in person training, but since I feel like I’m already behind schedule with getting projects going, I will be up for whatever you have to offer.

    Thanks, Brett

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