Learning Fusion 360 from Scratch for Beginners

Learning Fusion 360 from Scratch for Beginners


Are you a woodworker or hobbyist maker and want to learn a better way to design your projects? I’ve had more than a few requests to do an introduction to Fusion 360 video so I thought I’d make it a series. We typically make videos on Fusion 360 and CNC projects but we don’t often start from the beginning. So that’s what this series will do - assume nothing and start from scratch.

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Why use Fusion 360?

Well, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder.” Most of us that make something like to be in the shop making something, rather than preparing to make something – so why waste your time? Fusion 360 is a Computer-Aided Design software (or CAD) that runs on Windows AND Mac.

What’s different about Fusion is it uses “the cloud” to sync your project files. It also includes multi-faceted features such as Design tools, Rendering, Animations, Simulation Testing, Manufacturing (or CAM), and can produce Drawings. That was a lot of features and may sound overwhelming but don’t worry, we’ll break it down and make it easy to understand.

The takeaway is Fusion is powerful but you can use what you want of it and ignore the rest.

Why you should use it over Sketchup?

Many woodworkers use Sketchup to design and visualize projects. It’s a great way to break into CAD, however, I hope to show you why Fusion 360 is vastly superior. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t use it but if you’re looking to boost your skills into a powerful new program, Fusion 360 is where it’s at.

So, why use Fusion 360 instead of Sketchup?

  • It can draw curved objects properly - 😉

  • Make Much Faster Changes

  • Superb Renderings – Built-in

  • Share 3D models online

  • It’s Free - ding ding ding

In this video we’ll go over what you need to get started making things in Fusion 360 today - like right now.



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