Fusion 360 January 2021 Release

Fusion 360 January 2021 Release

It’s time for the Fusion 360 release for January 2021. There are a handful of new features and improvements to note. Check out some selected features below.


Notable Improvements

Ten Document Limit for Personal Users

The big news of this release is that the 10 Document limit for Personal use is now in effect. This was announced in October 2020.

What that amounts to is the personal (free) users will have a limit of 10 documents that are actively editable. You won’t ever lose files or data but any file outside of the 10 editable documents will be “read only.” You’ll then have to “swap-in” an inactive for an active file. There are nuances here, you can check out the official post here.

What does this mean for you? Most personal / hobby users seem to agree that this is not going to be a big issue for them. If you use Fusion 360 daily for some form of work, most likely it makes sense to pay for it anyway. You get all the features and won’t have time to deal with things like document limits if you’re needing to turn a profit on your CAD/CAM use – right?

If you ask me, it’s the best deal in a CAD/CAM suite around.

Ready to Upgrade?

If it’s time for you to upgrade to a paid license the good news is there’s a 33% off sale right now through January 26th.

What’s your favorite new feature? Leave a comment below. Read the rest of the Fusion 360 What’s New Blog post for this release here.

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