Learn the Basics of CNC & CAM

Learn the Basics of CNC & CAM

We’ve had a surge in requests lately to consult or help with CNC training. Being a small team, we don’t have the resources as well as in-person training is… not advised currently (dang COVID). The next best thing? We’re going to teach an online course on:

Learning the Basics of CNC & CAM

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

✔︎ What is CNC?

  • Definitions, industry overview, and machine types
  • Getting going on “G-Code”
  • Putting G-Code to work and “Controllers”
  • and a “shop basics” tour!

✔︎ CAM Basics

  • The world of Computer-Aided Machining
  • Breaking into the software: Fusion 360 and Vectric (VCarve)
  • and a special “parametric functions” overview!

✔︎ CNC Tools

  • Types of tooling
  • Choosing the right tool for the job
  • Feeds & Speeds
  • and a sneak peek on “how I keep track of my tools”

✔︎ Toolholders

  • What is “tool holding, ER, BT, CAT, oh my!
  • Why torque is important.

✔︎ Workholding applications, benefits and uses

✔︎ Setting up your first project, from soup to nuts,(or CAD file to G-Code file).

More to come, this is the initial course outline.

The Course has Launched

The platform we chose has a great experience for both instructor (us) and student (you?) where you can learn at your own pace and you retain access to course material – forever.

Go check it out!

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