Learn the Basics of CNC & CAM Course Published

Learn the Basics of CNC & CAM Course Published

Our Course, Learn the Basics of CNC & CAM is fully published!

The course is laid out to teach you the concepts of how CNC machines work giving practical real-world examples. At the end of the course, we walk-through putting all of it together in CAM using Fusion 360 and VCarve Pro.

You'll go from zero to being able to post your own G-code!

Take this course anywhere

Go at your pace

This online course is designed to be easy to pick up where you left off on any internet-capable device. The course player tracks your progress so you can focus on learning.

Just a
smartphone or laptop is all you need!

A Few of the Perks of Signing up:

  • Learn to Setup CAM in Fusion 360 & VCarve

  • NO ADS – Premium Experience

  • Know when to use different types of tooling

  • How to Output G-Code to run a CNC

  • 50+ Lessons in 8 Chapters

  • Discuss lessons with other students (optional)

  • All Lessons Closed-Captioned in English

  • Exclusive Discounts on CNC's & Tools

  • Take Course anywhere with any internet-capable device

  • Work at your own pace – get a full year of access

  • Receive a Certificate upon Completion

This course does a fabulous job of breaking down all of the aspects of using a CNC into small, yet very understandable segments.

Lisa, Happy Student


✔︎ What is CNC?

  • Definitions, industry overview, and machine types

  • Getting going on “G-Code”

  • Putting G-Code to work and “Controllers”

  • and a “shop basics” tour!

✔︎ CAM Basics

  • The world of Computer-Aided Machining, “What is CAM?”

  • Breaking into the software: Fusion 360 and Vectric (VCarve)

  • G-Code Basics

  • Software for CAM

  • Using G-Code

✔︎ CNC Tools

  • Types of Tooling and When to Use

  • Sourcing and Quality of Tooling

  • Portland CNC

  • Tooling Vendor List

  • Feeds & Speeds

✔︎ Toolholders

  • What is Toolholding?

  • What's important in toolholding?

  • Setup a CNC Toolholder

  • Other Considerations in Toolholding

✔︎ Workholding

  • What is Workholding?

  • Types of Workholding

  • Secondary Operations

✔︎ Setting up your first project in Fusion 360

  • Intro to Fusion 360

  • Getting Started in Fusion 360

  • Create a CAM Setup in Fusion 360

  • Fusion 360 Tool Library

  • CAM Operations in Fusion 360

  • Post and Run G-Code from Fusion 360

✔︎ Setting up your first project in VCarve Pro

  • Benefits of VCarve Pro

  • Download & Install VCarve Pro

  • Getting Started in VCarve Pro

  • Setup a VCarve Pro Project

  • VCarve Pro Tool Library

  • Create Toolpaths in VCarve Pro

  • Post and Run G-Code from VCarve Pro

  • Create Toolpaths by Layer in VCarve Pro

  • Nesting in VCarve Pro

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