Modular ISO30 ATC Pedestals for Flexibility in CNC Router Builds

Modular ISO30 ATC Pedestals for Flexibility in CNC Router Builds

Elevate your CNC Router or Robot machine build to the next level with Portland CNC's ISO30 Modular ATC Pedestals, featuring upgradeability, precision, dust collection improvements, and more.

Modularity = Flexibility

The parts of our ATC Pedestals are designed to be flexible. Flexible to work with just about any ISO30 tool changing CNC router. All the parts work together, so if you start just a few positions you can later add parts as needed. Simply add the necessary Risers, Forks, and/or Bases.


Do you need a slightly different configuration? We can likely make that happen for you, as we designed the entire system ourselves - it's all parametric Fusion 360 models. Get in touch for custom solutions!


There's a high level of accuracy, repeatability, and positive location built into the design of our Modular ATC Pedestals.

We use precision alignment dowel pins to align the Bases, as well as the Risers to the Bases. We've indexed our forks with self-centering mechanisms that won't slip around or change position after repeated use. This means less chance of a damaged spindle taper from misaligned tool holders and ease of removal and installation as needed.

Our Pedestals are made on a CNC Mill accurate to thousandths of an inch.


If you have the need or budget for a smaller set of positions but later want to upgrade, simply add on to your system when ready. We're happy to help you figure out the most cost-effective way to accomplish what you want.


Our parts are made from solid aluminum and stainless steel – materials that won't rust, corrode, or fade. The forks are made from acetal, which is highly durable but is designed to break when needed to save your spindle assembly (in case someone accidentally places a tool holder in the wrong spot). Tool Forks are considered a consumable item.


If a part happens to get damaged or needs replacing, you only need to replace those parts, not the whole thing like most bent steel options.

Dust Collection Improvements

No more smashing brushes on bar racks. When combined with our Dust Boot, you'll be able to run without docking and save valuable time while using our improved airflow and soon-to-come Dust Boot accessories.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose Portland CNC for your custom CNC Router or Robot machine build with ISO 30 ATC Pedestals. Contact us today for custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Dust Boot for CNC Routers

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