3D Printing a Cord Wall Pass-through

3D Printing a Cord Wall Pass-through

Instead of using traditional square-holed wall pass-through boxes, we came up with a minimal way to pass cords through walls with 3D printing. Check out the video and get the download below

We made a simple wall cord pass-through. I don't recommend using this to pass anything from outside to inside 😉.
  • Two Internal Diameter Options: 1.05" or 1.25"
  • Minimum Wall Thickness: 3.6"
  • Maximum Wall Thickness: 5.4"
  • Higbee start threads


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Print Settings

  • Used PETG but PLA would work likely too.
  • Layer Height:  0.16mm
  • Walls: 3
  • Top / Bottom Surface:  Concentric
  • Infill:  15%, Gyroid
  • Slow Down for Overhangs:  ✔ 
  • No Brim or Support Needed
  • Slower Outer and Inner Walls will make for a better thread (100 mm/s on X1)

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