New Product – Drill Holder

New Product – Drill Holder

We designed this cordless tool organizer and have loved using it. Knowing where your tools are is a great feeling. It has four spots for drills or other tools that fit as well as two shelves for batteries and chargers.

In ours, we fit a power strip in the middle shelf as well as extra batteries and a charger on the top.

The sides have a grid of 1/4-20 threaded T-nuts for your own add-ons and we have future plans for this you will like 😉.

For our digital download, these are easy to make on a CNC router and assembly is designed to be foolproof. You can even make this on any Shapeoko XL or larger hobby router.

Alternatively, we can make it for you and either flat-pack or pre-assemble the parts for ready use. Check out those two options below:

Two Options

Digital Download or Shipped to you

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