The Importance of Good CNC Dust Collection for CNC Routers

The Importance of Good CNC Dust Collection for CNC Routers

CNC routers are a vital tool for many businesses, but they also generate a significant amount of dust and debris during operation. Dust collection is essential for maintaining a clean and safe work environment, as well as prolonging the life of your CNC router. One way to improve the effectiveness of your dust collection system is by increasing airflow.

At Portland CNC, we offer a Dust Boot with a 5-inch port that helps to increase airflow and improve the efficiency of your dust collection system. Here are some benefits of using a dust boot with a larger port size:

  1. More powerful suction: A larger port size allows more air to pass through, which means more powerful suction and better dust collection. This is especially important when working with materials that produce a lot of dust, such as wood, MDF, or plastic.

  2. Better air filtration: Increased airflow allows for more efficient air filtration, which means that your dust collection system will be able to capture smaller particles and keep your work area cleaner. This can be especially beneficial for those working in small or enclosed spaces, as it helps to reduce the risk of inhaling dust particles.

  3. Longevity for your CNC router: Dust and debris can cause wear and tear on your CNC router, leading to costly repairs or replacements. By using a dust boot with a larger port size, you can help extend the lifespan of your machine and save money in the long run.

  4. Improved air quality: Proper dust collection helps to improve air quality in your workspace, which can be beneficial for both your employees and your CNC router. Poor air quality can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues, so it's essential to keep the air in your workspace as clean as possible.

  5. Process Efficiency - Save time cleaning up between program cycles. This means less time cleaning and more time cutting increasing your profits and saving wasted energy cleaning up.

In conclusion, increasing airflow in your dust collection system can bring a range of benefits for your CNC router and your business. Our Dust Boot with a 5-inch port is an excellent solution that can help you improve the efficiency of your dust collection system, keep your work area clean and safe, and reduce noise levels. Investing in a dust boot with a larger port size can be a smart move for any business that relies on CNC routers.

Hey man. We did our regular Thursday AM workshop cleanup, and I was on like the basic ‘sweep the floor’ task and the territory under the CNCs is SO MUCH cleaner. Way less saw dust. Thank you and Das Boot!




Our Dust Boot has a standard 5-inch (127mm) intake port. Theoretically this allows 545 CFM which improves from the typical 4-inch port +56% increase in CFM.



No need to modify your Multicam CNC Router. You can swap out your existing dust boot with ours in a couple minutes.


Making the boot more compact and our air intake closer to the cutting action means more focused airflow to better extract chips before they go airborne.


HSD 5HP & 10HP spindles - more to come, see compatibility list on product page.

See FAQ’s here.

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