Portland CNC is a Techniks Tool Distribuitor

Portland CNC is a Techniks Tool Distribuitor

We’ve used Techniks tooling for the majority of our time as a CNC shop.

Now, we offer a selection of Techniks Tools' high-quality lineup is now available through our online shop.

Techniks Tools distinguishes itself with its exceptional quality and commitment to manufacturing excellence. With a diverse range of products, from tool holders to setup equipment, each item is designed to bring outstanding performance and durability to your CNC operations.

Why Techniks Tools?

Quality You Can Trust: Techniks products undergo meticulous quality assurance processes, guaranteeing tools that stand up to the most demanding applications.

Enhanced Performance: From boosting efficiency to improving accuracy, Techniks Tools are engineered to bring exceptional value and superior results to your workshop.

Diverse Selection: With the inclusion of Techniks in our online store, you now have access to an even more extensive range of tools and accessories. Whether you need collets, tool holders, or setup equipment, our Techniks collection has you covered.

Explore the Techniks collection. Whether you're looking to upgrade your current tools or equip a new CNC machine, we're confident you'll find what you need in our Techniks lineup.

If you need something from their line that we don’t offer just let us know. Remember, our team is always on hand to assist with any questions or help you select the right tools for your needs. Happy machining!

Torque Wrench & Adapters

The Techniks 200TH is a high-precision interchangeable head torque wrench that is perfect for use with collets, pull studs, and other fasteners. The 200TH is also equipped with a ratcheting mechanism that makes it easy to apply the correct amount of torque quickly and easily.

Tool Setup Stands

ISO30 / HSK50 Tool Holder Auto-Tightening Stand

Auto-locking roller bearing design makes tool changes faster and eliminates slippage.

  • Roller bearing design for fastest tool change possible

  • Auto-locking functionality for the strongest hold

  • Fits ISO30, HSK50, SK30 tool holders with and without flats.

ER Collet Sets

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