Torquing Tool Holders Saved us $1,000's

Torquing Tool Holders Saved us $1,000's

Our costly tool holders kept getting stuck with collets and expensive carbide tools captive. But why?

Two Reasons:
  "Tighten it enough" is never the same between one person much less multiple.

Cleaning is another. However, we've found that using a torque wrench has saved us thousands of dollars of locked-up tool holder nuts or tools dropping out when they aren't torqued tight enough.

Stop Guessing – Make tool setup a process that anyone can do.

We've recommended torque wrenches for years and now offer them and a series of CNC tool setup products to help make this a breeze.

Check out the products below.

Torque Wrench & Adapters

The Techniks 200TH is a high-precision interchangeable head torque wrench that is perfect for use with collets, pull studs, and other fasteners. The 200TH is also equipped with a ratcheting mechanism that makes it easy to apply the correct amount of torque quickly and easily.

Tool Setup Stands

ISO30 / HSK50 Tool Holder Auto-Tightening Stand

Auto-locking roller bearing design makes tool changes faster and eliminates slippage.

  • Roller bearing design for fastest tool change possible

  • Auto-locking functionality for the strongest hold

  • Fits ISO30, HSK50, SK30 tool holders with and without flats.

ER Collet Sets

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