Learn the Basics of CNC & CAM
Learn the Basics of CNC & CAM

Learn the Basics of CNC & CAM

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Learn the Basics of CNC & CAM is laid out to teach you the concepts of how CNC machines work giving practical real-world examples. At the end of the course, we walk-through putting all of it together in CAM using Fusion and VCarve Pro.

What You'll Learn

  • CNC & CAM Principles: Basic concepts, including machine types and industry overview.
  • Software Proficiency: Skills in Fusion and VCarve Pro.
  • G-Code Essentials: How to create and implement your own G-code.
  • Tooling Knowledge: Understanding different types of tooling and their uses.
  • Project Setup: Steps for setting up projects in Fusion and VCarve Pro.

Course Features

  • Comprehensive Content: 50+ lessons in 8 chapters.
  • Learn Anywhere, Anytime: Access the course on any device with internet connectivity.
  • User-Friendly Learning: Course player tracks progress, discussions with other students, and closed-captioned lessons.
  • Exclusive Benefits: No ads & discounts on CNC tools, and best practices.

Instructor: Justin Brouillette, owner of Portland CNC, shares his practical knowledge and experience in CNC & CAM in practical and easy to understand lessons.

Target Audience: Ideal for beginners or those seeking foundational knowledge in CNC & CAM.

Enroll and Start Learning: Take the first step towards understanding CNC & CAM.

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Location – We're in Southeast, Portland. We'll send details via email after purchase.

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🖥️ Online Course
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Take this course – anywhere

Go at your own pace

This online course is designed to be picked up and started easily on any internet-capable device. The course player tracks your progress so you can focus on learning.

Just a smartphone or laptop is all you need!

Setup CAM in Fusion & VCarve

Access to Software Included

We’ll walk you through setting up a project for a CNC job and outputting G-Code in Fusion and VCarve Pro.

Why Pay for Online Courses?

The answer will surprise you

I wrote an article, "Why Pay for Online Courses?" that compares free versus paid course content. It's a must-read if you're considering online education.


This course is an online, go-at-your-own-pace learning tool. Most of the content will be pre-recorded screen-recording, and video of our CNC shop to show you the best practices we use daily.

CNC manufacturer training is typically well into the $100s if not $1,000's. At the end of this course, you'll have a great beginner's knowledge of CNC, CAM, and common software used to create that CAM.

Honestly, just a device capable of streaming video. It can be a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Ideally, you'll want to follow along and repeat the steps we're showing in your own software (for CAD/CAM) but this is not necessary.

You can start right now!

If you've purchased an online course, you’ll have unlimited access.

Absolutely not! I (Justin, the instructor) learned a ton of CAM and CNC knowledge online before ever owning a CNC. It sticks with you and - downside - only makes you more apt to buy a CNC 😉.