Techniks 00600-M ShrinkPRO ShrinkSTATION
Techniks 00600-M ShrinkPRO ShrinkSTATION

Techniks 00600-M ShrinkPRO ShrinkSTATION

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⚡️ Uses 3-phase Power


The 00600-M ShrinkPRO is an ideal solution for job shops or manufacturing facilities that need a reliable shrink-fit machine. Every component of this machine from the industrial touch-screen interface, to the motor-driven transport rail, and the heavy-duty stainless steel base, is designed for reliable performance and ease of use in demanding environments. 

  • Induction coil technology enables tool changes in 2-6 seconds
  • Easy to use touch screen design
  • Automatically aligns tool holder with the induction head
  • Heating time is automatically set by tool diameter
  • Cooling cycle uses shop air
  • Tool lengths up to 22"
  • Tool Diameters:  .125-1.25"
  • Power:  480v, 30A, 3-phase
  • LxDxH: 20x20x37"
  • Ship Weight: 84 lbs

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The ShrinkSTATION includes everything you need to perform shrink fit tool changes on CAT40, CAT50, BT30, BT40, ISO30, HSK40, 50, 63, and 100, C4, C5, C6 tool holders with gauge lengths up to 22” (560mm).

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  • 00600-00165 Induction Ring (3 - 5mm shanks)
  • 00600-00166 Induction Ring (6 - 12mm shanks)
  • 00600-00167 Induction Ring (14 - 20mm shanks)
  • 00600-00168 Induction Ring (25 - 32mm shanks)
  • 385-11878-2 Tool Holder Adapter – 40 taper & C6
  • 385-11878-1 Tool Holder Adapter – 50 taper
  • 385-11878-7 Tool Holder Adapter – HSK63
  • 26139-L Thermal Insulated Glove

Bonus from Portland CNC

Need more tool holders? No problem. We can source any other tool holders you need, and if you purchase additional shrink-fit tool holders within 30 days of your ShrinkSTATION purchase, you'll receive a special discount from Portland CNC.

Contact us to order or for more details.

⚡️ Uses 3-phase Power
⏰ Shrink a tool in 2-6 seconds

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