New – Modular ATC Tool Holder Pedestals

New – Modular ATC Tool Holder Pedestals

Could you use a few more tools on your CNC Router? Maybe you’re building a custom machine and need a way to hold your tool holders for an ATC spindle. We have a new product, Modular ATC Pedestals, that are highly flexible ISO30 ATC tool holders.

They work splendidly with our PDX CNC Dust Boot.

We have two options

  1. ShopSabre Drop-in ATC Pedestals

  2. Modular ATC Pedestals


Which should you Choose?

If you have a ShopSabre CNC Router we’ve made a comparison below to help you pick which is the right upgrade for you:

The Modular ATC Pedestals are made to be as flexible as possible for any ISO 30 ATC capable CNC machine.

ShopSabre Drop-in ATC Pedestals

  • Allows improved Dust Collection

  • Won’t increase number of tools

  • No modifications needed to replace your existing 5 or 10 tool racks.

  • Swap in 10-20 minutes

  • No Need to Dock to Tool Change (saves 20 min/day)

  • Includes Z-Probe Stand

  • Upgradable - simply swap needed components and reuse others!

  • Precision machined, self-centering forks.

  • All Hardware Included

Modular ATC Pedestals

  • Allows improved Dust Collection

  • Add 2-7 Tools or Double that!

  • Modifications needed to CNC Bed & WinCNC (guides provided)

  • Takes 2-5 hours to upgrade

  • No Need to Dock to Tool Change (saves 20 min/day)

  • Includes Z-Probe Stand

  • Flexible to Add as many as you want - works with your budget or needs.

  • Precision machined, pin aligned, and self-centering forks.

  • Easily repeatable if you need to take off Pedestals for a specific job.

  • All Hardware Included


Upgrade from the standard amount of tools to 12, 17 or even double that if you can sacrifice about 12 inches of Y-travel!


Use our ShopSabre Drop-in version for a no-modification swap to improve dust collection options. Swap out 5 or 10 tool positions in minutes!


Get 89% more CFM compared to any ShopSabre dust boot or Dust Dock. Making our Dust Boot more compact and our air intake closer to the cutting action means more focused airflow to better extract chips before they go airborne. Our Pedestals make that a seamless process as they won’t impede Dust Boot accessories or brushes.


Need a Custom Version?

We are very excited to offer customized options of our Modular ATC Pedestals. We’ve designed the entire system to be customizable so if you need a taller, shorter, or wider or tighter spacing just get let us know and we can solve that problem for you.

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