ATC Drop-In Pedestals for ShopSabre
ATC Modular Pedestals - Drop-in for ShopSabre CNC Router 5 positions
ATC Drop-In Pedestals for ShopSabre

ATC Drop-In Pedestals for ShopSabre


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Increase your ShopSabre CNC Router dust collection capability with our ATC Pedestals that optimally work with our Dust Boot.

Looking to add more tools? See our Modular ATC Pedestals.

Simply add both a Dust Boot and an ATC Pedestal to cart to receive 10% off your Dust Boot purchase automatically at checkout.

👀 Increase Number of Tools
💨 Improve Dust Collection
✅ Works with ISO30 Tool holders

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ISO30 ATC Pedestal Risers for CNC Routers, ShopSabre, Multicam, AXYZ, Avid ES915 ES919 spindles

Upgrade your Dust Collection

Fix that blue bar rack that smashes your brushes and makes you have to use a Dust Dock. Take back that time and switch to our ATC Pedestals and Dust Boot. Our Dust Boot improves CFM by up to 89% over the ShopSabre options.

Our ATC Pedestals are designed to be a minimal stand to hold ISO30 tool holders for an Automatic Tool Changing Spindle.

Easy Swap

Our ATC Pedestal Drop-in Kit for ShopSabre PRO and IS models is designed to be a no-fuss, easy changeover. No modifications needed to your machine. Simply change out for our ATC Pedestals in the same mounting holes and then confirm your positions are correct and you're off.

Modularity = Flexibility

The parts of our ATC Pedestals are designed to be flexible. Flexible to work with just about any ISO30 tool changing CNC router. All the parts work together so if you start with a fast-swap Drop-in Kit you can re-use and add needed Risers and simply buy new Forks and Bases.


If you have the need or budget for smaller set of positions but later want to upgrade, simply add on to your system. We're happy to help you figure out the most cost effective way you can get what you want accomplished.


If a part happens to get damaged or needs replaced, you only need to replace those parts, not the whole thing like most bent steel options.


Do you need a slightly different configuration? We can probably make that happen for you as we designed the entire system ourselves - it's all parametric Fusion 360 models. Get in touch for custom solutions!


This ATC Pedestal Drop-In Kit is for ShopSabre CNC Router machines to allow for better Dust Collection. ATC Pedestals are Modular with our Standard Riser and Drop-in ISO 30 Fork that lets you swap in our Pedestals without needing to modify your machine.

We have tested this to work on PRO and IS models after 2017 but that doesn't exclude other versions from working.

We also offer New Z-Touch Probe Stands.

Our ATC Pedestals are not exclusive to ShopSabre CNC Routers, but this kit is specifically for mounting on ShopSabres.

Want to add more tools than 10 and improve Dust Collection?

See our Modular ATC Pedestal Upgrade Kits.


We offer guides and as much assistance as we can. If you are savvy you can DIY with our guides and be running in minutes to hours. If you're local to Portland, please contact us for options!

If you have a ShopSabre PRO or IS model, there are two main options. The Drop-in or the Modular ATC Pedestals which can be any number of tool positions from 2 to 17, depending on your machine. We have a full comparison here to help you choose and we're always happy to help you decide - just send us a message.
ShopSabre PRO/IS Upgrade Options:
Numbers below allow for Z-Touch Probe Stand as well.

  • ShopSabre PRO 404 & 408 (Bed X: 60") - up to 12 tools
  • ShopSabre PRO 510 (Bed X: 72") - up to 14 tools
  • ShopSabre IS 408 (Bed X: 65") - up to 13 tools
  • ShopSabre IS 510 (Bed X: 75") - up to 15 tools
  • ShopSabre IS 612 (Bed X: 85") - up to 17 tools

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