Portland CNC is a Techniks Tool Distribuitor
We’ve used Techniks tooling for the majority of our time as a CNC shop. Now, we offer a selection of Techniks Tools' high-quality lineup is now available through our online shop. Techniks Tools distinguishes itself with its exceptional quality and...
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Torquing Tool Holders Saved us $1,000's
Our costly tool holders kept getting stuck with collets and expensive carbide tools captive. But why?Two Reasons:  "Tighten it enough" is never the same between one person much less multiple.Cleaning is another. However, we've found that using a torque wrench...
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How to Properly Clean and Torque CNC Tool Holders
Let’s discuss the importance of properly cleaning and torquing your CNC tool holders. In the world of computer numerical control (CNC) machining, maintaining the integrity of your equipment is crucial to achieving precision, efficiency, and the desired output. One critical...
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