Fusion CAD Introduction Training
Fusion CAD Introduction Training
Fusion CAD Introduction Training
Fusion CAD Introduction Training
Fusion CAD Introduction Training
Fusion CAD Introduction Training
Fusion CAD Introduction Training

Fusion CAD Introduction Training

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  • Exclusive PDX CNC

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Take the PDX CNC Introduction to Autodesk Fusion CAD Course

You'll gain a solid foundation in Fusion CAD, exploring everything from basic sketches and components to modeling techniques like extrusion, lofting, and boolean operations.

You'll learn to import drawings and files, add parameters, and much more, all through engaging online content.

Your Instructor: Justin Brouillette

Justin has nearly a decade of experience in designing, making, and teaching Fusion.

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  • Understanding Fusion's Workspace
    • How Fusion works
    • Space Tour: Navigating the Fusion environment
    • Exploring the Design Space, Browser Tree, and Timeline
    • Customizing Preferences for an optimized workflow
  • Sketching and Modeling Basics
    • Creating Sketches, defining Planes, and setting Parameters
    • Differentiating Components from Bodies
    • Modeling techniques: Extrude, Loft, Revolve, and Boolean operations
  • Advanced Modeling Techniques
    • Utilizing Pattern features for Sketches, Objects, and Bodies
    • Exploring Form Tools for advanced design projects
  • Practical Design Projects
    • Step-by-step walk through to Make a Sign
    • Importing Logos from DXF/SVG files
    • Parametric design concepts
    • Enhancing designs with Chamfers and Fillets
  • Importing External Files
    • Working with files from a customer, and external sources
  • Hands-on Learning Approach
    • Encouraging active learning by modeling objects from the real world
    • Using calipers for precise measurements and modifications
  • Creating and Exporting Drawings
    • Creating drawings of models
    • Including views, sections, details, dimensions, and notes
    • Exporting drawings

Want In-Person CNC & CAM Training?

Transitioning from theory to practice, is our in-person CNC Router Unicorn Training. It also includes this Fusion CAD course, and real-life CNC routing demonstrations, Fusion CAM, and practical workholding solutions among many other topics in our shop in Portland.

Learn about tooling, materials, and work coordinates in a way that blends insight with hands-on experience. Our unique "Unicorn Training" approach means you'll understand both the programming and operational sides of CNC machining.

Course Highlights

  • Your Own Pace: This class is easy to take online with any web-capable device. There's also a great Andoid or iOS mobile app where you can start and stop lessons when they are convenient to you.
  • Professional Insight: Leverage our instructors' years of industry experience for invaluable insights into CAD design.
  • Practical Skills:  No-nonsense. All the recorded lessons have excellent mono audio and video 1080p quality with no background music or annoying ads.

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Time – Begins at 9am to 5pm with a 45 minute lunch break.

Location – We're in Southeast, Portland. We'll send details via email after purchase.

Get to Portland

  • Fly - the local (amazing) Airport is PDX.
    • Train, Bus, and Street Car on Trimet
  • Amtrak - Union Station
  • Lyft or Uber are easily hailed here.

Groups – Interested in a company or group event? Let us know.

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Refunds, No Show, Cancellations

Two Seats per Class Required
We require two seats to be filled for an in-person class. At 10 days prior we will let you know if that isn't true and shift your event date to a future date of your discretion.

Cancel +30 Days Before Class
You'll get your money back, minus a 5% processing fee. Want to swap to a different course? Let us know at least 30 days out, and we'll see if we can make it happen, depending on availability.

Cancel Within 29 Days or No-Show
No cash back on this one, sorry. But we'll cut you a deal — 50% off one future class within a year if there's a spot open.

When We Have to Cancel
We'll do everything we can to avoid this, but sometimes stuff happens—blackouts, emergencies, you name it. If we have to pull the plug, you'll get a full credit for another class.

If you're part of the same company or family, and need to cancel, let's talk.


🖥️ Online Course
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Become Invaluable

Gaining new skills make you employable in new ways. Learn an industry leading software with skills that translate beyond one software.

Fusion Computer-Aided Drafting

Learn the best from the best. We've been sharing our CAD/CAM expertise for years, learn from us direct and step up your CAD game.

Stellar Quality

Our online course experience has high-quality, ad-free content. Included downloads, tips, links, and hours of learning accessible to you with no expiration..


This course is an online, go-at-your-own-pace learning tool. The content is pre-recorded screen-recording made my our team at Portland CNC.

  • Laptop that can run Fusion - while not absolutely necessary, we recommend bringing a laptop that can run Autodesk Fusion. This will help you follow along and learn on your own machine. We do not have extra computers for you to use. We will have power for you to connect to.
  • Mouse - Using Fusion without a mouse is rough, don't forget a mouse.
  • Autodesk Fusion - Preferably a paid license, the free license will work but has many limitations. You can also use a 30-day trial.

There is unlimited access for a single person per seat.

We guarantee you'll learn something or your money back.