Dust Boot for Laguna CNC Router
CNC Router Dust Boot
Dust Boot for Laguna CNC Router
Dust Boot for CNC Routers with 5 to 4 adapter kit
Dust Boot for Laguna CNC Router

Dust Boot for Laguna CNC Router

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🟢 Big CFM Upgrade
🚫 No modifications needed
📈 Cut More, Clean Less

Our innovative Dust Boot is soon to be released for Laguna CNC Routers. Sign up to be one of the first to use it and get exclusive launch sale pricing.


PDX CNC Dust Boot for CNC Routers

Cut More, Clean Less

Our Dust Boot is an upgrade to Laguna CNC Router Spindle Dust Collection. It’s engineered to improve the volume of airflow – focusing it closer to the cutting action while offering flexible brush options.


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What to Expect:

  • Uses standard 5-inch flex duct
  • Versatile: Cut sheets or 3D machine with improved dust collection.
  • Direct swap without modifications*
  • Designed to work on:
    • Laguna SmartShop II - HSD ES951 5HP spindle - attaches to pneumatic lifting arms
    • Other Laguna machines likely work but haven't been tested.
  • 56% CFM increase over the stock Laguna boot
  • Proper brush seal to stock with our collection of Dust Boot accessories
  • More Compact than original = more chip collection power
  • Wood Dust is a Carcinogen - Capturing more dust at the source makes for a safer work place.
  • Made by PDX CNC in Portland, Oregon
  • Compatible with PDX CNC ATC Pedestal upgrades

How much will this help?

Your potential performance increase*

Data Source and factors that affect performance*


  • Laguna SmartShop II Mount with 5-inch Port Choose 3-inch or custom 3.4-inch brush. Or get both.
  • 5-to-4 Reducer Kit - for those who max out at 4-inch ducting
    *Note this will have reduced performance as our Dust Boot is designed for a 5-inch duct.
    • 5" to 4" Duct Reducer Fitting
    • 5" Duct Clamps (2)
    • 5" Flex Duct connector piece
    • *We estimate about 22% improvement in CFM with our 4" Kit versus the stock boot. Our 5-inch Port is ~56% improvement.