Dust Boot Spacer
Dust Boot Spacer
Dust Boot Spacer

Dust Boot Spacer


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The Dust Boot Spacer is a specialized accessory designed to enhance the functionality of the PDX CNC Dust Boot. It increases the depth of the Dust Boot brush, providing more coverage and thus better dust collection for longer-reach tools. But why you ask? A majority of the success of any dust boot is creating as much of a "seal" around the workpiece as possible.



It is only compatible with the PDX CNC Dust Boot and magnetizes on with powerful magnets and indexing pins. The Dust Boot Spacer is a must-have accessory for CNC enthusiasts looking to expand their tool collection and improve their overall machining experience.

How Many?

We have tested up to two 0.5" thick spacers stacked between the Dust Boot Top Plate and Bottom Plate. More is likely line if needed but does increase the chance of accidental collisions with workholding or stock.

Caution – Adding a spacer will likely cause the Dust Boot assembly to collide with bar style racks not cut into "Pedestal" style tool stands, like our ATC Pedestals.

ShopSabre Pedestal-Style Racks

Spacers are untested with the newer ShopSabre Pedestal-style ATC Racks. We recommended to slowly jog into position with a Spacer and Brush Plate to see if collisions may occur with the rack. See our Calibration Guide for an idea of how to do such a thing.

Have a Dust Boot made before November 2022? You'll likely need our Alignment Adapter Pins (black). They are free just choose that option when adding to cart.

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