Tool Holder Holder ISO30/BT30
Tool Holder Holder ISO30/BT30
Tool Holder Holder ISO30/BT30
Tool Holder Holder ISO30/BT30
Tool Holder Holder ISO30/BT30
Tool Holder Holder ISO30/BT30
Tool Holder Holder ISO30/BT30

Tool Holder Holder ISO30/BT30


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Your CNC tool holders are crucial and should be stored with care. Enter the Portland CNC Tool Holder Holder System. Sporting an industrial steel grey finish, this patent-pending design ensures your ISO30 and BT30 CNC tool holders are stored safely yet easily transported.

Uniquely Capable

  • 5-Tool Capacity: store 5 tools in one rack.
  • Innovative Cleat System: Adaptable mounting from steel cleats, DIY plywood, off-the-shelf metal panels, or keyholes. 
  • Industrial Steel Grey Finish: A grey that complements every workshop.
  • Powder Coated Steel: Engineered for durability and long-term use.
  • Plastic Protective Inserts: Gentle care for your tool holders, prevents damage and rust.
  • Versatility in Mounting: Designed to fit your space.
  • ISO30 and BT30 compatible: Precision fit.

The Tool Holder Holder Rack is a sensible addition to your toolkit, offering the ideal balance of function, design, and quality. Elevate your organization and protect your investment with this indispensable piece.

Hang it up

  • PDX CNC Cleats - The ideal setup. Stack horizontally or vertically. Fits standard 16" stud spacing. Get one per rack.
  • Plywood -  Use our download after purchase to make CNC-routed cleats. 
  • Akro Mils - Steel Grid Panels
  • Screws spaced every 6 inches.


  • THH ISO30 Rack -  14.375" wide x 3.4" deep x 3.3" tall
  • THH Cleats16.5" long x 1.5" tall.
    • Holes spaced 2.667" - for 16" studs


THH on 18x20 Akro Steel Grid Panel

💨 Rack it away or set on your bench
🖐️ Stores 5 tool holders
〰️ Super Flexible to use how you want

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Store Safely – Transport with Ease

Store your tool holders safely and use the same rack to transport tools to your machine with ease. It's like a beer case for your tool holders.

Protect your Tools

You've invested thousands of dollars in your CNC tooling – store it like it's important. Our Tool Holder Holder Rack system protects your tool holders and stores them safely away from damage.

Stash or Grab

Our unique patent-pending design allows you to easily hang up your tools or grab the rack for machine setup – no tools needed.

Hang up your way

The THH is incredibly flexible to how you want to use it.

  • PDX CNC Steel Cleat - Fits standard 16" stud spacing.
  • Make your own Plywood Cleats - Use our download after purchase to make CNC-routed plywood cleats.
  • Use Akro Mils - Steel Grid Panels
  • Screws Spaced Every 6 inches (at least two)
  • Store on a flat surface
  • FAQs

    There are many ways! We make a Steel cleat - which mounts with screw into studs, drywall anchors, rivets, or magnets.
    You can make your own plywood cleats with our CNC-ready files (download after purchase), or louvered steel panels. You can also just place two screws spaced 12 inches part with our slotted keyholes in the back of the rack.

    Each tool rack fits five ISO30 or BT30 tool holders.

    Yep, the THH is designed to hang on cleats and easily - with no tools - remove and set it on a table or cart for tool setup.

    Can't find your question? See all of our FAQ's


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