Portland CNC ISO30 ATC Tool Fork
ISO30 Tool Holder Fork

ISO30 Tool Holder Fork


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Our ISO30 Toolholder ATC Forks are compact and made to be universal. This is what ships with our ATC Pedestals.

  • Positively indexed - won't shift or slide around.
  • Made from durable acetal.
  • Designed to fail in case of collision or too much downward force.
  • ATC Tool Holder Forks for standard ISO30
  • Made in America
  • P.S. – Keep a few spares on hand in case you have a boo-boo 😉

Note – If replacing existing machine tool forks you will need to calibrate your tool positions. See our ShopSabre guide here.

If replacing one of ours you likely won't need to calibrate that position again.


  • Fits ISO30 CNC toolholders
  • Mounting spacing is 1.5" between hole centers.
  • We recommend M6x1 Flat Head Screws (1/4-20 works w/ 90º countersink).

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