Dust Boot for Laguna CNC Router
Dust Boot for Laguna CNC Router
CNC Router Dust Boot
Dust Boot for Laguna CNC Router
Dust Boot for Laguna CNC Router
Dust Boot for Laguna CNC Router
Dust Boot for CNC Routers with 5 to 4 adapter kit
Dust Boot for Laguna CNC Router
Dust Boot for Laguna CNC Router

Dust Boot for Laguna CNC Router


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Our innovative Dust Boot is now available for Laguna SmartShop II CNC Routers (more to come).

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🟢 Big CFM Upgrade
🚫 No modifications needed
📈 Cut More, Clean Less

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Cut More, Clean Less

Our Dust Boot is an upgrade to Laguna CNC Router Spindle Dust Collection. It’s engineered to improve the volume of airflow – focusing it closer to the cutting action while offering flexible brush options.


The PDX CNC Dust Boot has a standard 5-inch intake port. Theoretically, this allows 545 CFM which improves from the 4-inch port with poor aerodynamic sheet metal on the stock dust boot.


No need to modify your Laguna CNC Router. You can swap out your existing dust boot with ours in a couple of minutes.

Two-minutes and a wrench or socket

Our Dust Boot mounts to the existing pneumatic pistons, slide on our spacers, and re-secure the nut.


Get a proper brush seal to your stock with our collection of Dust Boot accessories — Add Spacers.


See the Compatibility List

Not on our list? Signup to let us know you're interested.

Test Fit your Machine - Refund + Return Shipping

Early Adopters

We're offering our Laguna Dust Boot at a discounted cost for early adopters. Here's a little of what that means:

  • This has been tested on multiple Laguna CNC routers but not extensively.
  • We know it works well on those machines we've tested.
  • We expect a few more hiccups that we want your help with.
  • If you have an issue we'll do our best to resolve it for you and future customers. Just email us.

What to Expect:

  • Uses standard 5-inch flex duct - Now available
  • 56% CFM increase over the stock Laguna dust boot
  • More Compact than original = more chip collection power
  • Proper brush seal to stock with our collection of Dust Boot accessories — Add Spacers!
  • Versatile: Cut sheets or 3D machine with improved dust collection.
  • Direct swap without modifications
  • Designed to work on:
    • Laguna SmartShop II - HSD ES951 5HP spindle - 100mm diameter nose
    • SmartShop M - soon to come
    • Hiteco Spindle - soon to come
  • Wood Dust is a Carcinogen - Capturing more dust at the source makes for a safer work place.
  • Made by PDX CNC in Portland, Oregon
  • Compatible with PDX CNC ATC Pedestal upgrades - significant improvements in dust collection and added tool capacity.

Unsure if this fits your machine?

Try our Test Print Fit - print a letter sized sheet of paper and hold it up to your spindle.

How much will this help?

Your potential performance increase*

Data Source and factors that affect performance*


  • Laguna SmartShop II Mount with 5-inch Port — Choose from 3-inch or our custom 3.4-inch brush plate. Or get both.
  • 5-to-4 Reducer Kit - for those who max out at 4-inch ducting
    *Note this will have reduced performance as our Dust Boot is designed for a 5-inch duct.
    • 5" to 4" Duct Reducer Fitting
    • 5" Duct Clamps (2)
    • 5" Flex Duct connector piece
    • *We estimate about 22% improvement in CFM with our 4" Kit versus the stock boot whereas our 5-inch Port is ~56% improvement.


  • Dust Boot with 5-inch Port
  • Magnetic Brush Plate
  • Pneumatic Rod Spacers and Mount Wing Plates
  • Better Dust Collection 😉


Check out this article to see full compatibility list and to download our printable fit checker.

Yep, our Laguna Dust Boot is designed to raise up and down with the Laguna pneumatic lifting rods.

Yes, of course. You’ll never clean out a compression cut fully - well maybe if you had the best dust collector ever made. With any Dust Boot, if the brush isn’t touching the work surface you’ll lose a drastic amount of suction and you’ll have chips spray out.

The key is to optimize your tool length (choke up) and Dust Boot capability like an optimal brush length for the job. We do plan to offer different options for spacers and brush lengths for our Dust Boot - this is not yet available.

We designed our Dust Boot to provide the most airflow CFM as close to the spindle while having as long a brush that makes sense. It’s not perfect, but it’s an improvement.

Yes! You can try your machine out if you think it might fit with no risks:

Try our Test-Fit Guarantee.

We are always interested to hear what machines we should support next. Let us know what machines we should support.

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